Frequently Asked Questions


Why learn with Nick Scott?

I believe that children learn best in a fun and varied environment, which is why I like to keep my lessons as entertaining as possible, through the use of playing, drawing, movement, singing and clapping. Lessons don't have to be spent entirely staring at a piano! I'm also very friendly and approachable, so pupils feel excited about their next lessons, and motivated to practise.

What age should a child start the piano?

Anyone can start to learn an instrument at any age, though I would generally not recommend starting much earlier than 7 years old. This very much depends on the child, however, as some are ready from a much earlier age.

As an adult, am I too old to learn?

Same as above, anyone can learn at any age which is why I teach all ages. Though you may have often heard otherwise, adults never lose their ability to learn. In fact, adults patience and maturity can be a plus.

Can I learn on a keyboard?

If it is a good, "touch-sensitive" keyboard, then to begin with, yes, but later it will become necessary to learn on a piano, so that you are used to the resistance of piano keys, and the extra notes on a piano. Although buying a piano can be a reasonable investment, many stores can rent pianos for a fair price, and second hand pianos can often be bought at a reduced price.

How much practise should I do?

Practising for a short time regularly will do much more for your technique than practising for marathon sessions once or twice a week. If you try to practise every day, your enjoyment of playing will increase with your ability. The quality of practise, however, is far more important than the quantity, and I can teach you proper practise technique.