Each Lesson typically involves a combination of playing, moving, clapping, drawing and singing, with the aim of teaching the pupils to read music, aural (listening) skills, practise technique and of course, how to play the piano. I like to keep my teaching techniques varied to keep lessons fun and exciting, as it not only helps the students learn better but also means they are looking forward more to the next lesson, so are keen to practise and will progress more quickly as a result.

For beginners, I recommend a weekly half-hour lesson, though for older and more advanced students 45 minutes or an hour may be more appropriate. Lessons are always on a one-to-one basis, so I can focus on every students' individual needs.

I charge £17.50 for a half-hour lesson, £23 for 45 minutes or £30 for an hour. Lessons can be paid for in cash, paypal, bank transfer or by cheque.

Lessons can take place during the day or evening during the week, in my dedicated music room. For more info, please see Location.

Unfortunately, I don't teach at weekends.